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Build Muscle

Find out what works to build muscle naturally, how to shock your body into growing, when to exercise and a lot more.

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Burn Fat

Learn how to burn off fat without using any gimmicks, it's not gonna be easy but if you apply these tips results are guaranteed!

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Learn about Supplements

Stop wasting your money on unnecessary supplements. Marketing wants you to be another dumb consumer, learn which supplements really work and get the Most Bang For Your Buck.

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Learn about Healthy Nutrition

Health is our greatest asset, proper nutrition is the key of optimal health and it's my top priority to teach you what to eat for a healthier and happier life.

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I'm Mario, a geeky fitness and health enthusiast fighting to change the broken fitness industry and help you reach your goal.

Mario Tomic from

Latest achievements:

  • Don't miss a workout for 260 days
  • Cut down to 8% Body Fat
  • Complete a pro modeling photo shoot
  • Have 1000 unique daily visitors on my blog

To-Do list:

  • Compete as a Musclemania Fitness Model
  • Bench press 2x body weight (current max 1X 130kg)
  • Deadlift 3X body weight (current max 1X 190kg)
  • Visit Gold's Gym in California
  • Speak at a Health and Fitness seminar
  • Write a Book
My Transformation story

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