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I'm Mario, you Online fitness and nutrition coach. It's been more than 5 years since I decided to take control over my health life. Since then I turned from a fat PC gamer to a Fitness model, Coached over a 100 clients online and traveled to more than 30 countries networking with industry experts to bring you the best knowledge.

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Latest achievements:

  • Don't miss a workout for 260 days
  • Cut down to 7% Body Fat
  • Do a Pro modeling photo shoot
  • Travel to 25 countries and stay ripped
  • Have 1000 unique visitors every day on my blog
  • Coach over 100 clients online

To-Do list:

  • Compete as a Musclemania Fitness Model
  • Bench press 2x body weight (current max 1X 140kg (308lbs))
  • Deadlift 3X body weight (current max 1x 220kg (440lbs))
  • Visit Gold's Gym in California
  • Speak at a Health and Fitness seminar
  • Write an eBook

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