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Couple of Ways How to Stay Motivated, Get Out and Exercise this Fall!

Fall is here. Have you considered how the season will affect your exercise regimen? If you have not, you should. Many people suffer from depression and other ailments. Do not give into your depression. Stay motivated to exercise through the fall season with these few tips. Most people think that taking a month off is a good idea, but from my experience that usually ends up breaking the habit and reversing some of the great gains you made.

Fitness is about consistency and it’s a marathon, your enemy is that little voice inside your head that’s telling you “You’ve worked really hard for x months and now it’s time to take a little break, slow down, you deserve this”, we all have those thoughts especially on those boring rainy days when we don’t feel like doing anything.

This is the time when you need to push it the hardest, don’t give in to those thoughts. You must train you mind and will power, will power acts like a muscle, the more you exercise it and break out of your comfort zone the easier it is next time to hit the gym. But if you fail to push through the comfort zone it will get even harder next time, that’s why most people don’t ever reach their fitness goals.

Exercise Motivation Meme

Enjoy the Fall Scenery While You Exercise Outdoors with Resistance bands

Here are some exercises with fancy names for you to try out if you got bored of your current routine and want to mix things up a little. I personally like to stick with the basics but I know most of you guys love changes.

Tricep Toner

This exercise begins with the resistance band. Place one hand behind the back with the palm facing away from the back and holding one end of the resistance band. The other hand should be holding the resistance band with the palm toward the head. The band should form a vertical line aligned with the back. To perform the exercise, pull with the top hand toward the ceiling. Perform this exercise for eight to 12 reps on both sides.

Shoulder Shaper

Hold one end of the resistance band at the hip and the other end of the resistance band at shoulder height. Continue to extend the arm as much as possible to get a good workout. Perform eight to 12 repetitions in the front. Switch to a side motion and perform eight to 12 repetitions. This exercise focuses on the side and top of the shoulder.

Saddlebag Slimmer

Begin the exercise with a resistance band placed around the shoe and positioned at the arch. With the band in place, establish a wide stance and squat. Then, transfer weight to one foot. Lift the other foot slightly off the floor. Then, resume the squatting position and perform the exercise on the other side of the body. Try 20 squat leg lifts for maximum resistance. The burn will be felt in the thighs and butt muscle.

Stay Inside and Exercise When It’s Cold

When it’s cold, the last thing many people want to do is go outside to exercise. Winter and cold fall is not a time for outdoor cardio, it’s better to stick with gym. For this reason, many people choose to design a home gym. Home gym equipment is frequently on sale and can help people get motivated to exercise especially those who don’t have access to good gyms or want to workout in privacy. When the gym is only several feet from the bedroom or family room it saves a lot of time you would usually spend driving to a gym so this option is great for busy people. Ellipticals and treadmills are the favorites in most home gyms. These two pieces of equipment are considered optimal for weight-bearing exercises and cardiovascular exercises.

Stay Fit in the Fall if you want to look good for Summer

Just because it’s fall and you are no longer going to be wearing a swimsuit does not mean it is time to slack off. Exercise is about more than looking good. It is about maintaining a habit and constantly improving your strength, endurance, muscle tone, energy and that great feeling you have from all the hormones released after workout.

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