Fundamentals of Creating your Custom Diet Plan for Fat Loss

In my last article I’ve outlined the benefits of creating you own custom fat cutting diet and in this article I’m presenting the fundamentals for creating your first custom diet plan. The benefits are obvious and there’s not need to repeat them however even though the calories in and out protocol applies here there’s still some basic ground rules which will ensure proper results.

So here are the fundamental rules of creating your very first diet for fat loss.

8 Rules for creating your first custom diet plan

  • Rule #1 – 40% of your daily calorie intake should comes from protein, minimum 2 grams per kg of body weight. Tip: Use protein shakes to help you reach the goal.
  • Rule #2 – Do weight lifting 4 times per week. Tip: Do 12-15 sets per workout, the entire workout shouldn’t last longer than 45 min.
  • Rule #3 – Walk a lot, if there’s anything that can be described as magic pill to weight loss than it’s walking. It helps you burn more fat, keeps the metabolism higher and improves your recovery.
  • Rule #4 – Drink more than 3,5 liters of water per day.
  • Rule #5 – Avoid liquid calories at all cost. Remove fruit drinks, coffee, sodas, anything that is sweet and processed. Only fluids you should be drinking are tea and waterTip: You can add Stevia to green tea if you want to make it sweeter.
  • Rule #6 – Eat vegetables with every meal to supply your body with vitamins and minerals. Even if you have to eat a places like McDonalds, KFC or Subway there’s still options to get salads and vegetables. Just don’t use the dressing because that stuff is calorie bomb. Tip: Also include a multivitamin and mineral supplement. Don’t pick the cheapest, usually higher price means better quality.
  • Rule #7 – Be able to roughly estimate how many calories you eat every day. So that you are aware if you can afford to eat that slice of cake today or you can leave it for tomorrow where you can reduce quantity of other meals.
  • Rule #8 – Keep track of how much you weight every week on Monday morning as soon as you wake up after toilet. Tip: Use a notebook or mobile phone Notes app like Evernote.

So now that we established some rules what let’s answer some common questions people have when it comes to diets.

Daily calorie intake calculator

I personally use this calculator here because it kinda gives me a nice overview and graphs of calories. However these number should be used only as a starting point. None of these calculators are accurate enough to lead your all the way but they can serve to define the starting points of a new diet goal.

How many times should you eat per day?

It doesn’t matter, you can eat all your food just before bed late night it won’t make any difference. The key is energy balance, if you eat less than what you’ve spent that day your body will be burning fat. So you can have all your calories in 1 meal or split them up into 10 meals it won’t make a different.

A good start however is to have 3 meals. Basically lunch around noon (Yes, you can skip breakfast), meal before workout and a meal after workout. Those are 3 times I personally use and it works great but you can do whatever you feel like. So as far as this you don’t need to change your current meal frequency!

Personally I love to have an 8 hours eating window and a 16 hour fasting window. So I will make sure to ingest all my food within the 8 hours from 12 PM till 8 PM. Intermittent Fasting helps you maintain energy levels, more focus, better fat burning and you don’t feel hungry. You can read a review of a Intermittent Fasting plan called Lean Gains which I personally use here.

How much should you eat?

Since you are doing a fat cutting diet plan just make sure it is less than what you are spending. How to know if it’s less? Measure yourself on the same weight scale every 2 weeks Monday morning after toilet (empty stomach) and write down the number on your mobile phone or a simple note book. You will know your maintenance when you have the same weight 2 weeks in a row. If you are losing 0,2 – 0,5 kg per week you know that you are on the right track. So the key here is just to use the same weight scale at the same time so you know exactly what’s going on.

Note: Weight loss isn’t liner so sometimes you might now lose anything for a week but then after 2 or 3 weeks you lose 1 kg. Be ready for this and just trust the process. That’s why it’s good to measure yourself every week so you know how your body reacts.

If you notice weight gain on the weight scale just reduce food intake the next week and re-measure. The best method is to lose 0,6-0,8 kg per 2 weeks, once you hit this goal just stick by that until it stops then reduce food further.

What type of food should you choose?

It can be anything as long as you are spending more calories than eating. Typically a good diet is that 80% of fat loss comes from energy balance and only 20% is attributed to exercise so since food controls the weight loss process it’s always good to pick high volume less calorie foods like vegetables just because they’ll make you feel less hungry.

Custom Meal

Imagine eating a medium sized chocolate compared to 3 scrambled eggs, some almonds and a bowl of mixed salad, the 2nd meal will make you feel full for hours while with chocolate you’ll be hungry after 40 min. Key to eliminating hunger while still having low enough calorie intake to burn fat is to increase vegetables, they have the best volume/calorie ratio.

The most healthy choices you make the better results you’ll have, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid having pizza sometimes or a tiramisu but those times should be exceptions to the rule. Anywhere around 70% “healthy food” and 30% calories from “unhealthy food” is good enough to for fat loss.

Conclusion – Custom Diet Plan rocks

You basically get to eat what you want, when you want as long as you stick to these rules the results will come. This type of custom diet plan is primarily made for people who casually workout and focus on other things in their lives. For competitors or those who are looking to reach 6-7% body fat levels this diet is not the best option, to achieve such low body fat percentages naturally and keeping as much muscle as possible you need to have a much more complex strategy than this.

The beauty of this custom diet plan strategy is that it’s extremely flexible and will allow you to quickly adapt to new situations in life such as travel or moving to a new place.

Thanks for reading my article, I’d love to hear what you think in the comments section below.

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  • Ash

    Hi. Great body bro. What do think of extending the fast to 18 hrs or 20 hrs to accelerate fat loss

    • I don’t think so, they have been studies with this from Martin who’s the inventor of Lean gains and he said that 8/16 is ideal

      • ash

        thanks. I am finding the 20/4 tough. But the fat loss is amazing. Once i”m down to single digits will go for the 16/8.

        • Sounds good man, do whatever works for you. Long term commitment is much more important for results than doing something you can’t sustain.