How To Gain Weight Fast? – Kick-Ass Bulking Tips For Skinny Guys

As I hardgainer myself I’ve always had difficulties adding weight and gaining muscle, it seemed as if no matter how much I eat the weight stays the same and the body refuses to change. Initially I spent months trying to figure it out and then it all clicked, after I while I realized the real problem and how to overcome so I hope this article will help you get results faster same as I did.

It always amazes me how topic of bulking for skinny guys isn’t talked about a lot. After coaching over a 100 guys in the last 12 months if you look at their goals 70% of them were struggling with gaining weight which was a surprise for me. I always thought there would be more people struggling to burn fat than to gain muscle.

Luckily for these guys and for myself I already had a solution in the video below I reveals a few key tips that helped them and me personally with gaining weight fast.

How to Successfully Bulk and Get Jacked If You’re a Skinny guy

To summarize the video here are the key ideas:

People tend to over-report or under-report their calorie intake

To fix this use an app like MyFitnessPal or FatSecret and start a food journal where you can clearly see how many calories you eat every day so have the real-life data which you can calibrate to make sure you’re eating more calories than you’re spending.

Food consumption is a habit

It takes a while for the mind to adjust to the new intake so make sure you plan ahead and have the food available to get in those calories that you need. This is to ensure you don’t forget to eat or just don’t have the food around when you need it. Things like nuts and cheese can be stored for a very long time and are good go-to foods to get some extra calories.

Baby step your way to a successful bulk

Don’t eat twice as much food all at once, baby step your way to a higher intake of calories because it takes your body time to adjust to the extra volume of food. This is critical to prevent problems with digestion.

Use high calorie density food

Don’t be afraid to go less “clean” on the diet. I see a lot of guys try to make their diet 100% clean and that creates issues when you’re a hardgainer because it’s not enough to make you grow. A good ratio is 70% clean and 30% whatever just to ensure you can get those calories in.

Add liquid calories

Try things like GOMAD (Gallon of milk a day) or just add a little bit of liquid calories to your diet to ensure you have a higher intake of calories that is necessary to start gaining. Keep in mind that it’s very easy to over-do the liquid calories thing so make sure that at least 80% of your caloric intake is solid food.

Try Enzyme supplements

These can be very useful and for me personally when I’m bulking at 4000 kcal I take Enzyme supplements after each meal to make sure I process the food faster. There’s different opinion on the internet whether these work or not but from my experience they do make me hungry so I keep using them. The ones I use are Super Enzymes from NOW Foods

That’s it, hope these tips help you out.


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