How to Set the Right Fitness Goals & Wire Yourself for Success

Yo yo, whad up? Today I decided to shoot a video on a topic that’s been on my mind for a while now. It’s a high quality tip I got from a really successful friend of mine on how to measure your success so that you are always motivated and never fail to achieve your goals. If you implement this tiny shift in the way you think it will instantly make a difference on how you feel about yourself and will fuel you with motivation to continue pursuing your fitness goals.

To summarize in the video above I talk about the benefits of setting process oriented goals instead of the common outcome oriented goals. Some examples of an outcome oriented goal are: “I want to lose 1 lbs of weight per week”, “I want to increase my bench press by 10 lbs this month”, “My goal is to get 2 kgs of muscle this month” etc.. Examples of an process oriented goal would be: “I’m gonna do 4 workouts per week for 6 months”, “I’m not gonna cheat on my diet for 6 weeks”, “I’m gonna measure my weight loss progress every day of the week”.

Outcome vs Process Oriented Fitness Goals… And Why It Makes Such a Big Difference?

What happens when you don’t achieve the desired result? You instantly get demotivated, you start doubting the diet or your workout workout, you begin to question why you even started and because there’s so many variables involved you don’t know what is wrong. And guess what.. This state of mind is perfect for producing excuses why you should give up, why it’s not worth or that you’ll just do it next week, next month, next year etc..

Primary reason why people give up is because they do not get that positive feedback to kick-start the upward spiral of small achievements that just shoots up and up straight to success.

Why Result Oriented Goals Don’t Work for Fitness & Weight Loss?

The biggest down side of setting an outcome oriented goal is that you are attaching yourself to the end-result which in case of building muscle, getting stronger and  losing weight is very difficult to predict. No one can exactly tell how much fat you’re gonna lose this week or this month, so if you compare your success to the number you’ve set to achieve you could be setting yourself up for failure without even knowing it.

What Is Success Quote

How To Set Yourself Up For Success Every Time?

If you take my advice and set Process oriented goals you will be in full control of achieving your goals, there is no element of randomness holding you back. The core of setting goals like this is an understanding and trust that if you execute the process you will reach your goals.

DO NOT get confused by thinking that having Process oriented goals means that you don’t care about your results, it simply means that the result is not how success is measured. This means that even a workout that you’ve done poorly because you just didn’t feel it that day it a success, you simply did the best you can do at that moment in time and what you got out of the workout could be experience, better technique or merely an idea how to improve your workout in the future.

What this does is it puts you into an continual positive feedback loop that generates motivation, good emotions which ultimately leads you to achieving the result you wanted in the first place.

Hope you enjoyed watching my video, this is the first one I made and it would mean a lot if you leave some feedback on what you think about.

PS. If you have comments on this topic share them below!

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