Maca Powder Benefits – Review After 6 Months of Usage

I am going to review a supplement that is not well known, but in my opinion one of the best products on the market. Most people have no idea about the enormous maca powder benefits and how this product can actually make a difference. I’ll give you an insight from what I have experienced during my 6 months of using Maca and why I highly recommend it to everyone.

What is Maca and what you need to know?

Without doubt Maca sounds very exotic, like some secret aphrodisiac or secret formula against stress hidden for ages from the Peruvian Indians. Maca is a perennial root that grows high in the mountains of Peru and Bolivia. It is also known as Lepidium meyenii, ayak chichira and maca-maca. It is considered a vegetable and it is also one of the best superfoods you can find. It is a believed to be a natural wonder and everybody could benefit from it.

Researches show that Maca is incredibly rich in amino acids, phytonutrients, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. One of the biggest benefits that Maca can ensure is increased libido both in men and women. It works as an aphrodisiac equally well in both genders, but it doesn’t affect hormones in any way. It has been observed, but the mechanism is unknown.

Maca powder benefits for overall health

One of the scientifically proved effects of Maca is that it increases sexual desire and improves fertility by increasing sperm quality (more healthier and more active sperm)

Maca also improves the function of the endocrine system and raises energy levels. Furthermore, it has antidepressant properties and could make you calmer.

Maca Powder Benefits

As I mentioned above it improves sex life by directly affecting potency in both genders. Scientific researches prove that it can help you with mental and physical well-being as well as mental clarity. Other researches state that Maca could increase energy levels and is very beneficial for your skin. Maca gives you energy throughout the day and there is no downside to it like most energy drinks or pre workout supplements.

My Personal experience

I have used Maca for about 6 months now and the results I have had are outstanding. I have tried numerous supplements on the market, but this product is one of the best investments I have ever made. Firstly, I didn’t believe that it could have such strong effect on me, but after trying it I realized how valuable it is. Not only did it raise my level of training, but also made me feel outstanding in everything I did. I am not saying it’s a magic pill or anything close to that, but it does in fact have a positive impact on me.

Muscle Gain benefits

One of the things I experienced was gaining muscle extremely fast. When I first started taking Maca, I was also experimenting with Lean Gains diet (link to LG article). For about 5 months I gained around 8 kg’s and felt like a beast in the gym. Of course I gained some fat, but it wasn’t that visible as I stayed around 10-12% body fat at all times. My performance in the gym drastically increased and I was feeling stronger than ever.

Noticable Faster Recovery between workouts

I felt that I was recovering faster after heavy lifting sessions hence I was able to train certain body parts twice a week. Not to mention that soreness occurred faster and in the next few days I was able to train again feeling fully rested and recovered. In the past I used to feel really tired after training, but since I started taking Maca a few hours after my training session I start to become quite energized.

Sex Drive and Libido Boost is incredible

My testosterone levels were extremely high and I was feeling amazing at all times. My libido went trough the roof and I was feeling like a beast. If you have problems with loss of sexual appetite you should definitely try Maca and see for yourself how powerful it is.

What is the best way to take Maca powder?

You can purchase Maca in various ways such as powder and capsules. I have tried both, but powder has better effect on me. You can try both and see which one works better for you in order to maximize your results. I consume the powder in different ways. For example you can add it in yoghurt, cottage cheese, smoothies, salad and everything you can think of. I advice you not to heat it since it might affect some of the nutrients thus the effect would not be the same. Also, it is best if you cycle Maca, for example take it for 1 month and then take a break a for a few days. Like every other supplements you should not abuse it, no matter how healthy it is.

Maca powder dosage for maximum benefits

Maca Powder Dosage

Usually, most forms of crushed dry extract of Maca are served in doses of 5000 mg per tablet. It is recommended to consume from 6-10 tablets daily which is an equivalent to 3-5 grams daily. However, if you take powder like me, 3-5 grams are approximately 2-3 tablespoons which makes 1 tablespoon around 1.5 grams.


I have used tons of supplements and tried different approaches when it comes to fitness, but I believe this is one of the highest quality products. There are huge benefits from using Maca and it doesn’t have any side effects, at least none that are scientifically proven. In my opinion it is the closest supplement that has nearly the same effects as anabolic steroids, but doesn’t have any negative impacts. This is the reason why all professional athletes use Maca as it is not considered a doping. Try it out for yourself and report back your results.

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  • steven

    I told my dad about this

  • Beerian

    Hey Mario thanks for all the free advice. Do you still take maca or are you against it now like how you changed your opinion on DAA? Not trying to be a jerk, just trying to find the stuff that actually works.

    • Hey 🙂 I still take Maca sometimes but I cycle it because it loses effectiveness after a while. DAA is definitely not a good idea.

      • Beerian

        Hey thanks for getting back to me. My gf loves your nutrition advice and I have sent many people to your page as you offer great advice that I agree with.

        I would love to see more supplement reviews from you of things like yohimbine, DHEA, and even longjack extract seeing as how some people swear by these and you are not sponsored by these products.