Why You Should Make Your Own Custom Fat Cutting Diet Plan?

There are thousands of fat cutting diet plans available freely for download so why bother reading this article? First of all creating your own fat cutting diet plan isn’t as nearly as hard as most people think. Secondly, it’s more likely that you’ll succeed if you know exactly what you’re doing and what needs to be changed in order to reach your goal.

Creating any diet is a skill, it’s doesn’t matter if it’s a fat cutting diet plan or a weight/muscle gain diet, like any other skill it takes a bit of practice and time to master it but this skill is far less complicated than the so called experts have you believe. All you need is the right knowledge of making the right adjustments to the diet so you can easily alter your body composition how you want it to be.

The only down side is the initial effort you need to put in to learn this, for example learning to count calories roughly takes hour or two but the first time you count calories it will take you 30 minutes to count a meal, the 2nd time it will be 10 minutes, the 3rd time probably 5 minutes and as you go on you’ll be able to roughly estimate calories for any meal just by looking at it.

Fat Cutting Diet

My transformation after 3 years

Still 99% of people don’t know how to do this and don’t bother to learn. That initial fear keeps them from doing what it’s necessary while at the same time their mind will justify it by saying it’s too complex, there’s no time, it’s only for athletes or thousands of other reasons.

I’m hoping you are not one of those people and that you are willing to take control of your diet and make it a part of your lifestyle to be able to see food as it is, just energy to fuel your needs which can be controlled and optimized.

Why do I want you to learn to create custom diet plans?

I believe that if you apply the “Do it yourself” mindset and go through the effort to learn this skill the chances of you achieving your goals are 10 or 100 times higher. Creating a fat cutting diet plan is in essence very simple and honestly once you reach that single digit body fat level it gets so easy to maintain.

Most people however like everything to be taken care of for them, this might work for a car wash but as far as diets especially those aimed at fat loss it’s very difficult to apply. If you don’t know your body well enough how can you expect some random anonymous guy over the internet to know? Think about it, if you are having trouble putting in the effort to learn your body what are the

The biggest problem with 99% of online fat cutting diet plans

I’d say the biggest problem is that they are made just too damn generic to produce any results. It’s actually more like a gamble, it might work for some people but if you aren’t the lucky one then say bye to the results.

Let’s analyze a typical online diet:

  • Instead of saying eat less calories than you spend they say: eat “healthy food” and keep your carbs low.
  • Instead of modifying calories as time goes by they say: cut calories to 1800 or 500 below maintenance
  • Instead of focusing on long term sustainable fat loss they focus on getting fast results like dropping 2 kilos every week then everything stops after 4 weeks.
  • Instead of reducing or increasing your food they say add tons of cardio every day which is nonsense  Isn’t it easier just to eat a little bit less than spending more time running around losing muscle mass you worked so hard to gain?
  • Instead of using tools like cheat meals, re-feeds and walking they have a special supplement that burns fat while you are sitting and doing nothing.

It’s no wonder why most people fail, they just blindly follow that crappy advice without ever questioning it and learning what’s actually going on in their boy. There’s even people who are willing to go through tons of pain like hours of running on empty stomach wrapped with some plastic around belly that’s supposed to make it warm and burn more fat (complete Bullsh**) or unbearable hunger and all this just because someone told them it gives results.

But when it comes to sitting down and learning what happens in your body there’s not many who are willing to do it. The reason why a custom fat cutting diet plan works best is because you can have the power to add how much activity you can do, which foods you want to eat and how much weight you want to lose. Once you experience this type of control over your body you’ll regret for not learning it earlier as I have.

I don’t advocate eating all your calories from junk food every day but a diet should be flexible enough to allow you to pre-plan or create a calorie buffer large enough for situations where you don’t have access to healthy food. Same goes for exercise, if you are traveling you might have time to do only 3 workouts a week or even 2, for these situations it’s very important to be flexible with your diet so you can reduce your calories to match the expenditure and still reach your goal.

But doesn’t “unhealthy” food make you gain fat and prevent weight loss? If you over eat it doesn’t matter if the food is “healthy” or “unhealthy” the same goes if you eat less than what you spend. So as far as body composition goes food is just energy, fat loss or fat gain depends on how much energy (calories) you eat and spend. The main benefit of healthy food over junk food is that it just has far more nutrients which allow your body to operate optimal but weight loss comes down to one basic thing, how much you eat and how much you spend.


The key point from this article is that any meal plan can be modified to become a fat cutting diet plan. The core of everything is energy balance, if we want to shed fat the amount of energy spent must be larger than the amount of food we eat. Measure this on a weekly basis, so if you find yourself overeating one day you can catch up with less food in the next couple of days.

The second major point is that you have measure and track your progress, stepping on a weight scale every 2 weeks on Monday morning and writing it down takes 3 minutes and it’s the only way of knowing if you are on the right track.

I’d love to hear what you think about this article, leave a comment below.

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  • O

    So I’m at 104 kg, and wanna cut down fast for the next 2 months. I used to be in shape 84 kg, I’m 182cm tall. How many calories would you recomend me. My bodyfat is maybe 26%. I wanna do fast fat loss as main goal cause my gut is anyoing me. I workout maybe 3-6 times a week, depending how tired I feel. So would 2200 calories be good or to little ?

    And I agree that custom diets are better cause you learn something yourself so you can know what to do when you get off track from your sheduled diet.

    And if you take an existing diet it might not suit you perfectly, you might not like the food choices or the macro’s could be off.

    Diet is like the most fun part of bodybuidlnig knowledge anyways and they say 50% of your results come from nutrition.

    • To be able to know by how much you need to reduce your calories first thing is being aware of how much you are already taking and then slowly starting to reduce. You can use the calculator @ http://www.1percentedge.com/ifcalc/ to get some starting numbers.

      Honestly 2 months is a very short period especially for someone who doesn’t know his body well enough. Even pro fitness models do 12 weeks prep and they know their body pretty well.

      My suggestion is just take the numbers from the above calculator and start doing it. Keep the exercise around 3-4 times a week, there’s no need for more. You can keep protein at around 40% total intake and 30% for fat and carbs.

      Also if you want results aim to change your habits and think long term. I personally know at least a 100 people who aimed for short term fast results like 2 months and they all failed.

      If I magically woke up tomorrow with 20 kilos of extra fat even with all my experience and knowledge I don’t think I’d be able to get close to what I look now in less than half a year.