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Review of the Garmin Forerunner 210 GPS Running Watch

Garmin Forerunner 210 ReviewThe Garmin Forerunner 210 is a GPS running, fitness, and sports watch that measures distance, speed and heart rate.  It helps you to train using heart rate zones and interval programs.  The Forerunner 210 is compatible with Garmin Connect and the Garmin Training Center software and is a great piece of kit for anyone wanting to improve their fitness levels by running.

Both beginners and also seasoned runners will get lots of usage from Garmin Forerunner 210, since the watch is full of advanced features which I will go into more detail further down the review.  It is a perfect running watch that you can grow with.  It is easy to use, very simple and intuitive. It also offers great value for money:

Forerunner 210 Works Using GPS Technology

The Forerunner 210 works by using GPS technology – in other words, satellite positioning.  The watch face is simple to operate and has some added extra features compared to other models in the Forerunner range that elevate the watch to a completely different league.

First thing you will notice is how the Garmin Forerunner 210 offers a very discreet appearance. For where other GPS watches can be bulky on the wrist and often look like laser weapons from a 1970 science fiction film, the Forerunner 210 instead looks like an ordinary sports watch. The user interface is the same as the previous 110 model – you simply press a button and run – it’s as simple as that.

See How Far & Fast You Run with Heart Rate

After pressing the start button, the display shows you how long you have worked out for, how far you have run or cycled, and how many beats your heart beats. The basic data is relevant to all runners and greatly helps to lift motivation.  You will need to purchase a compatible heart rate monitor in order to use this function – these are strapped around your chest and connect wirelessly to the Forerunner 210 watch. Regular running in your ideal fat burning heart rate with added Strong Man Training is what many athletes use to get in shape fast.

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Comparing the Forerunner 210 to the old 110, you will see that the watch now also includes more advanced training functions. For example, you can program an interval training program and train using heart rate zones. Heart rate zones make it possible to control the intensity of your training very accurately and thus raise your fitness levels.

Set Up Interval Programming Sessions

Interval programming is very simple to operate. You can create any interval times as you see fit, for example, 4 x 1,000 meters with 3 minutes rest between each interval. Or you can work with open intervals which is great if you train in a measured or known route.

The heart rate zone and interval programming functions work brilliantly, not least because they can be turned on and off whenever you like. This means that the Forerunner watch is an ultra simple training tool, as long as you need it, but turns into a sophisticated tool when desired. This means that you can grow with GPS-enabled running watch – you are not just buying a simple model to be replaced when you become more experienced at running and want to achieve more.

This is ideal for best fat burning High Intensity Interval Running done on the track or uphill where you don’t have access to the fancy gym equipment.

Compatible with Garmin Connect

The possibilities expand even further by the fact that the GPS running watch is compatible with Garmin’s training site; Garmin Connect. Here you can delve into even more detail and even see your run and personal data on a map.  It’s dead easy to use.  You simply connect the watch to your PC using the USB cable that came in the box, and then the data can be uploaded to Garmin Connect (free to join).  You can then sort your running data and examine it in more detail – it will even show you how many calories you have burned during your running sessions.

Conclusion on the Garmin Forerunner 210 and a word on price

The Garmin Forerunner 210 succeeds in being a GPS watch for all levels of runner. It is elegantly designed and extremely user-friendly, but contains more advanced features that make it extra useful – even for the experienced fitness addict.  Prices start around $199 US Dollars and the equivalent number in Euros for European consumers.

Top Alternatives to the Garmin FR210

If you find the price of this watch prohibitive then you might be interested instead in a new GPS-enabled running watch that Garmin released this month.  Their new Forerunner 10 is the cheapest model that they produce and fulfils many of the functions detailed in this review – apart from the fact it does not come compatible with a heart rate monitor (HRM) – which gives it the cheaper price point of closer to one hundred dollars.

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