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How To “Get Shit Done” and Stop Procrastinating

How To "Get Shit Done" and Stop Procrastinating

Hey, it’s Mario here. In this article I’m giving you my best mindset to stop procrastinating and get things done immediately. And not only that. You’ll learn how to trigger a healthy sense of urgency in your life and practically make yourself immune to procrastination. So read on. 🙂 Here’s a big idea for you: The difficulty of a task will increase proportionally to how much you ay doing it. Now, why is that? Can you […]

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I Haven’t Missed a Workout in Over 3 years and This Is How

I Haven't Missed a Workout in Over 3 years and This Is How

The successful people I’ve talked to , and the bos about success I’ve read, it became obvious very fast that consistency is the key to achievement. As a matter of fact, if you really think about it, absolutely any goal worth achieving in your life will require a mind boggling number of consistent repetitions. Coupled with the fact that those reps are usually boring and monotonous this makes consistency one of the hardest things to master in life. For the reasons mentioned above I’ve also […]

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