Top 10 Workout Songs for Running like Usain Bolt

First off In this article I’m sharing my personal top 10 workout songs taken directly from my gym playlist also I’ll share my experience on how music can be beneficial, even necessary, to maximize your results in the gym. When you train it is important not only to just do your usual routine, but to strain yourself efficiently and give everything you have got on a daily basis. Have you ever been so highly motivated just because of a song you had just listened to? Nowadays, when most people train they rely heavily on music, because it keeps them focused and motivated.

The appropriate playlist for training will inspire you to go beyond what you thought is possible and help you improve your performance in the gym. When I train I always feel energized and animated due to the fact that those particular songs always stimulate my productivity and state.

How to motivate yourself to train and perform better?

Motivational songs could play a huge role in setting personal records and give you the edge to push yourself even further. I am going to give you a few tips on how you can use music as an inspiration and boost your athletic performance to a higher level. In the gym I give my absolute best and always push my limitations as much as I can. I do that EVERY single time no matter if I am tired, don’t feel like training or just have something else on my mind. How do I do that? Simple, I put on my favorite songs and start training as usual.

The difference is that those tracks help me focus so much that I feel like I am training for the Olympics. I imagine that my competitors observe how I train and if I slack TODAY it means they would be ahead of me tomorrow. Actually, I borrowed this mentality from the famous movie “Pumping Iron” quoting Matty Ferrigno – “Never feel sorry for yourself. Remember, if you are training hard, he may be training twice as hard. You just gotta keep coming back stronger”.

Moreover, this mindset will help you thrive in other areas and work hard in everything you do. The link between the belief you are one step closer to greatness and daily boring routine is music. Particular songs can make so much difference and inspire you to do better than you did yesterday.

Music reflects on your mood and workout

Be careful what songs you choose, because it can really affect your emotional state. Personally, I am very addicted to music thus if I listen to slow and depressive songs I can’t train properly. On the other hand, if I listen to my favorite tracks it can really boost my confidence and assist me.

Music is a powerful tool and must be used wisely. Personally, I have always been motivated by music and cannot workout without specific power songs that I have on my play list. Songs that pump up my state could make me run that extra mile or do an extra rep for maximum results. In the end it is your mind that quits, not your body and music is what can keep you pushing further. I bet most of you have experienced training on shitty music, and let me tell you, it is not productive at all. The songs I am going to mention below will make you jump, run and hit harder than you ever imagined.

Do you remember the first time you’ve watched Rocky? I do! It was one of the most powerful and motivating things I have ever seen in my entire life. Taking painful hit after hit Rocky didn’t back down and fought until the very end. This is the mentality you should have when you train – You are going to succeed no matter what and failure is not an option. When they play background music in movies and the character starts kicking everyone’s ass. Well, this is how I feel while I work out and listen to those songs. It is an experience that could not be described with words and I encourage you to try it for yourself, in the end it’s worth it.

Top 10 Workout Songs from my Playlist

Top 10 Workout Songs

  1. Eminem ft. Nate Dogg – Till I Collapse (hip hop) – Link
  2. Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard – Hungry (aggressive hip hop/Dub-step/alternative rock) – Link
  3. Roy Jones – Can’t Be Touched (hip hop) – Link
  4. Disturbed – Down With The Sickness (metal) – Link
  5. Fort Minor – Remember the name (hip hop) – Link
  6. Kraddy – Android Porn (electronic) – Link
  7. Blue Stahli – ULTRAnumb (electronic) – Link
  8. Lord Vital – Beastmode (hip hop) – Link
  9. Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard – Work, Hustle, Kill (aggressive hip hop/Dub-step/alternative rock) – Link
  10. Eminem – Lose yourself (hip hop) – Link

Conclusion – choose your music wisely and immerse yourself in success.

Whether you want to break a personal record on the weights or run that extra mile it is always helpful to have your power songs at your disposal. The reason I chose those songs is that they have powerful meaning about staying strong at all times, even when you feel the weakest. In conclusion, I hope this play list will inspire you to perform even better and keep you hungry for achieving more. Sky is the limit and you already have the tools to fly.

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