Top 5 Most Effective Calorie Burning Exercises

When it comes to exercises, or activities, that burn calories; some do a much better at it than others.  Here are some exercises/activities that are the most effective when it comes to burning calories and, ultimately, losing weight.

Running – Most common exercise to lose belly fat

Without a doubt, walking/jogging/running is exercise in its simplest form. It’s probably the most common exercise used for losing weight as well.  Many people will attest to its effectiveness.  It’s very simple; you set your own pace, and plan your route.  It can’t get much more basic or easy than that.  However, the one draw-back to running is the negative impact it has on your joints. New treadmills can actually help with that though most now have decks that will cushion each strike your foot makes, that can reduce the impact on your knees. Some treadmills even take your workout to the next level, making running an even better calorie burning exercise. Features like incline are becoming more prevalent on treadmills and incline training increases the amount of calories you burn.

How To Burn Calories Fast

Biking – Have fun, enjoy the nature and burn some calories

Biking, or cycling, is another great calorie burning exercise. It probably won’t burn as many calories as running does in the same amount of time. But, cycling doesn’t require as much energy to perform, so you can bike for a lot longer than you can run, making it easier to burn a lot of calories. This exercise isn’t quite as high-impact on your joints like running, but it isn’t the most low-impact exercise either. The main down-side for using this is the fact that it only works your legs. If you are looking for a whole body workout, then biking probably isn’t the best one for you. It may not be the best exercise, but it sure is one fun way to burn some calories!

Cross Country Skiing – Great Cardio to stay Fit during your holiday vacation

Calories Burnt with Swimming

This is also a very fun activity that gives you one heck of a workout at the same time. It’s low-impact, since your legs are basically just sliding those skis through the snow. It doesn’t just work your legs though, your arms get serious workout as well, from having to push yourself with those sticks. Of course this is more of an occasional hobby, rather than an everyday exercise; but you still shouldn’t pass up on an opportunity to go skiing. It’s a great cardio exercise that will definitely increase your endurance and give you some serious calorie burn!

Swimming – The highest calorie burning exercise with zero risk of injury

Swimming is quite possibly the best exercise for burning calories and getting a total body workout. This cardio workout not only works your legs, but your arms and abdomen as well. It helps you develop your coordination, and also your flexibility. It is quite possibly the greatest exercise known to man. It is extremely low-impact on your joints. Swimming also helps increase your lung strength by making you control your oxygen intake and time how often you breathe. Swimming is arguably the most effective activity for losing weight.

Moving – Move your body, every everybody

Moving sounds simple, and it really is. It doesn’t get any easier than that. In fact, there probably isn’t a simpler calorie burning exercise! There are exercise programs that have proven effective for many people, and the base of the program is literally just moving your body.  Programs like Zumba, P90x and Insanity are very popular because they are very effective, and yet so simple.  No equipment is required for them, just your body.

All of these are very effective activities that will burn a lot of calories and besides that they are also some very fun activities to do as well.

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  • Johnny

    im thinking of starting jogging to improve my cardio and burn some belly fat, how long should i run to be the most efficient?

    • Try doing 45 min per session if you have the time for it. But if you can you’ll have better results if you start with 10 sprints then take a small break (4-5min) and add 30 min jogging after the sprints.

  • Nathaniel Palmer

    I have a problem with the case against running. There are many studies showing that running improves joint health. The only way it will damage joints is if the runner increase the amount of running they do too fast or ups the amount of running they do on harder surfaces too quickly. If you stick to softer, flat trails and very slowly increase your mileage, you will be 100% fine, barring a freak acute injury.

    • Running is ok, I personally prefer swimming or sprints. Swimming is the best as the chance of getting injuries is super low.

  • Sam

    How about rowing? Alot of gyms now have indoor rowing machines. Like swimming, there aren’t many injury risks.

    • It’s true, rowing is also ok just make sure you know many calories it’s burning.