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What Is The Best Food to Eat for Breakfast to Lose Weight?

There’s just so much confusing information about breakfast and weight loss on the Internet it used to drive me crazy to compare all these different articles on how to pick the best foods to use in the morning so I decided to write down what I eat for breakfast when dieting.

My breakfast has changed over the years and probably the best word to describe this process is evolved as I’ve been continuously learning about new ingredients and what to use to start off my day but in the last couple of months I didn’t make any changes. I feel like I found what’s working for me so I want to share that with you.

Currently I’m following a way of eating called Lean Gains and breakfast in this diet doesn’t really exist but I’ll still use this word when I’m talking about my first meal of the day. Also just so you know even before Lean Gains I’ve used to eat the same thing in my first meal so this is something you can apply no matter why style of eating you do.

Lean gains is an interment fasting type of eating with an 8 hour long eating window and 16 hours of fasting, you can read all about my experiences and why I switched from normal 6-8 small meals per day to this at Lean Gains Guide with Sample Meals.

So let’s start off by breaking down all the macro-nutrients and choices of food.

Choosing the nutrients for the best weight loss Breakfast

Every breakfast no matter what diet you follow should contain all 3 macro-nutrients: protein, carbs and fat. The difference is in the ratios.

My current macros for breakfast are 60 grams of protein, 55 grams of carbs and 27 grams of fat. These macros fit greatly in my diet and the energy levels are amazing. Total calories are 700 and it’s around 30% of my total daily intake.

What’s the ideal protein source for breakfast?

As far as I’m concerned there’s only 2 choices here, whey powdered protein or eggs. And I use both. For powdered protein I like to use unflavored Whey Protein Concentrate as I don’t have any problems digesting the trace amount of lactose in it, for those who are milk intolerant any Whey Protein Isolate will do the trick.

But to vary things a bit I’ve decided to also use egg whites and combine them with whey, egg whites seem to be the perfect choice for breakfast. They digest slower than whey protein and it’s the highest quality protein source in nature.

So to sum it up, my breakfast protein source is a mixture of Concentrate Whey powdered and boiled Egg Whites.

Carbohydrate choices for breakfast

There’s only one choice here and that is Oats. As far as I’m concerned oats are the overall best source of carbohydrates for breakfast. I’ve tried many options, including different mixtures of Muesli, Corn, Seed mixtures and all sort of combinations with oats just to find that the plain simple Oat meal is the best of them all.

The key is to purchase the most complex organic whole Oats and leave them a bit to soak up before you eat them to make them easily digestible. Also when you soak them up you get rid of the Phytic Acid content which then allows minerals to be freely absorbed. Here’s a study that has shown the Effects of phytic acid on mineral availability.

If you are in need for calories breakfast is the best meal in the day to add some fruit. Ideally a banana as it’s a mixture of glucose and fructose plus you get Vitamin B and it helps to maintain your sodium/potassium balance.

PS. I’ve used to add some dark chocolate (86% cocoa)  to my breakfast, it’s a great antioxidant and the substances really keep your mind sharp.

There’s tons of things you can experiment that work great with oats but just remember to maintain your calories balance so you don’t over do the amounts.

Healthy fat to start off the day

For fat sources I use 5 different types of organic nuts and fish oil capsules. It’s interesting how nuts are really cheap if you buy them separate but when they are included in products like bread and oats it increases the base product price by a lot. My suggestion is that you stock up on Flax, Sesame, Sunflower, Pumpkin Seeds And Almonds. A mix of these should cover all the needs for seeds, if you really want to experiment you can add any.

For fish oil I use the normal capsules which contain 180 mg EPA plus 120 mg DHA, I take 10 of these to make the combined dosage 3 grams which has shown to have some benefits. You can do less if it’s too expensive just to act as a health filler to make sure your omega 6/omega 3 balance isn’t completely out of line but the real benefits for weight loss and muscle gain happen around 3-4 grams of EPA + DHA.

Dry healthy spices and other things I add to my power breakfast

Beside the mention ingredients above I like to add some more power foods to the breakfast bowl just to take the maximum benefits of these ultra low calorie things like dry spices.

So I add dry ginger, celery, curry, cocoa, parsley, oregano and cinnamon. It probably sounds weird when you think about all these ingredients mixed together but I found that they really enrich the taste and not to mention the countless health benefits each of these substances have. I mean you can easily search for any one of these on Google and you’d be surprised to find out how powerful they are.


To sum everything up let’s see it’s Oats mixed with Whey protein, tons of seeds, nuts, dry spices with added egg whites in the end. As liquid I use only water as I don’t use any dairy in my diet, ever since I stopped eating dairy I feel a lot healthier and it’s easier to burn fat.

Try to mix all of these with water, avoid milk for now especially if your goal is to lose weight.

Here is how it all looks.

Breakfast for Weight Loss

Calorie breakdown of foods included in breakfast

This is a list and calories for all the ingredients used in making breakfast. The calories can vary per products so make sure you check the labels on products you purchase to see if they match these.

personal loan today
Oats – 75 grams277,08,050,05,0
10 grams of Seed Mix57,01,51,55,0
10 x Omega 3 caps90,00,00,010,0
1.5 x Scoops of Whey Protein149,034,01,01,0
5 grams of cocoa15,01,00,51,0
10g Almonds61,02,02,05,0
4 Hard Boiled L Size Egg Whites56,014,00,00,0
Total Calories   705,0 60,5 55,0 27,0

This breakfast covers around 25% of my total calorie intake and my other 2 meals in the day will cover the rest. I tend to eat 50% of my entire calorie intake in my post workout meal, and also that meal contains the majority of carbs and protein which are needed after workout.

If you are interested in how you can apply this style of eating check out Lean Gains Guide with Sample Meals where you’ll also find a sample diet made with calorie calculator for download.

3 Things that you must avoid when eating breakfast

  1. Cereal  – Stay away from any brand, packing or whatever. These products are sh** and buying all of the things mentioned above separate will save you a lot of money and your health.
  2. Adding Milk– I personally don’t like any dairy. There is no reason why a human being should drink milk that has been chemically processed 100 times to stay fresh longer and which includes substances like antibiotics. Dropping milk and other dairy has been the best nutritional choice in my life. Try it, you’ll be thanking me.
  3. Liquid calories after breakfast – Drinks like Red Bull or similar caffeine sugar loaded drinks might help you feel more energetic for a while but they also destroy your insulin sensitivity and add useless calories to the daily intake. The only 2 things your should be drinking are water and tea.

Ok guys, that’s all for today. You can leave your questions, tips or suggestions in the comments below, I’d be happy to discuss them with you. Have a nice day and good luck with your fitness and health goals.

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  • Flip

    just for a healthy mind-f**k, have you checked out the carb backloading guys?

    • I’ve checked that out, it’s nothing really revolutionary. Basically confirms that you can have whatever food you want as long as it fits your daily calorie intake which you set for goals like fat loss, maintenance or weight gain.

      I personally don’t recommend it because typical carb junk food is low in nutritional value compared to healthy food.

  • O

    I personaly think you can eat other types of protein too. I think eggs are just tradition, I don’t see why the human body can’t equaly use chicken breast or something else. Oats + protein poweder is easy to make and a bodybuidlnig breakfast classic. However oregano in a sweets proatmeal ? Maybe it does taste good.

    And your site is really nicely writen and nice to look at.

    • Every source of protein has different bioavailability but you can do whatever just need to make sure to calculate the macros correct as meat protein sources often come with extra fat.

      Eggs have a high bioavilability and if you remove the yolk after cooking you basically get pure protein which is very easy to add to any meal just for extra protein without worrying about carbs or fat.