Are You Making These 3 Rookie Mistakes In The Gym?

I've spent 6 years of my life in the gym. And I've seen the good, the bad and ugly, in 30 countries around the world.

And 3 mistakes, which I see every session in the gym, always stand out as the most destructive to a guy’s progress.

It’s not a guy’s own fault — it’s because finding a reliable source of proven training methods, has become increasingly difficult in this age of “information overload”.

If you weed out these easy-to-fix mistakes… you’ll almost immediately see improvements in your progress.

Mistake 1 – Not challenging yourself

Have you ever seen a guy in the gym curling pink 2 kg dumbbells, even though that weight isn't challenging him?

During my last 6 years in the gym, I've seen guys make incredible transformations.

Those were guys who weren't always doing the “best” workout plan, but man were they pushing their limits.

Meanwhile, I've seen guys using optimized workout plans, and yet they struggled to make any gains, because they didn't challenge themselves.

Mistake 2 – Neglecting Proper Form

Every single time I go to the gym, I see the following cringe worthy spectacles:

  • One guy is doing the “Hunchback of Notre Dame” Deadlift
  • Another guy is lowering his bench press for quarter reps, with a thumb-less “suicide” grip (with twice as much weight as he can safely handle)
  • And there’s the guy doing quarter rep squats with, hyper-extending his neck to the ceiling

These are great ways for a guy to diminish gains, and possibly even injure himself.

One easy tip for improving your form is to watch YouTube videos of advanced lifters immediately before going to the gym. I STILL do this, before almost every single session.

For advanced guys: I've been using a “bar tracking” app, which tracks the path of the bar. This gives instant detailed feedback on your form.

Mistake 3 – Lifting based on “how you feel”

In my second year of working out, I had a 6 month plateau.

Because every time I went to load up the bar… I thought “what do I feel like lifting today? Maybe I’ll try this today.”

And I let my emotions control something that was meant to be pre-planned and logical.

Now I know that a workout plan needs to have “planned progression” built into it.

Which means you consciously work toward increasing your lifts over time.
Either more reps. Or more sets. Or having more control. Or better form.

Hope this helps you next workout — keep crushing it in gym and in life!

Talk soon,



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