DFI Premium Transformation Program

Do You Want To Become Lean, Strong, More Attractive, and Take Your Body and Life to the Next Level?


It’s Mario Tomic here. If you want to become ripped, have more strength, energy and transform your body, then keep reading, because this is for you.

Most don’t know this, though for the past two years I’ve been quietly running a 16-Week Transformation program called Daily Fitness Immersion.

And this program is getting life-changing results for those involved.

My personal transformation happened seven years ago. At that time I was around 25 lbs overweight (think man boobs and a beer belly).

And where there should have been muscles, there was nothing but embarrassing flab.

That’s “old me” on the left and my initial transformation on the right.

Mario Tomic Transformation Photo

I had to go through some big changes in my life to achieve that transformation.

I remember the pain of looking at myself in the mirror and knowing I could do more.

I remember the embarrassment when I had to take my shirt off at a pool party or the beach while everyone else was having fun.

Girls didn’t find my body attractive, and guys never showed any respect.

For all my closest friends I was this overweight guy who has nothing remarkable going for him.

The truth is, deep down inside I was in pain. I knew I could do better and be better.

And I also knew that if I don’t get this handled, I’ll have to pay the price.

There’s always a price to pay.

For some, it’s a pain of feeling terrible in your body and not having the energy to live your life to the fullest.

And for a long time, I didn’t see it that way. I focused on work, being productive and trying not to think about.

That works for a while, but the thoughts of not living up to your own potential keep coming back.

For me, it was never just about the ripped abs.

I wanted to have the energy and the focus to be at my best. The be able to bring my best self out.

And not having my health handled felt like I was working against my body instead of having it on my side.

Only after I transformed my body did I realize the “ripple effect” this had on my life.

It was unbelievable.

Every area of my life improved automatically.

I started carrying myself with more confidence which improved my social skills, relationships, and business decisions.

People began to notice a difference in the way I lived my life. I was no longer running way from social activities. Now, I was looking to do more.

One of the worst things about being unhealthy and average was that I felt alone.

It seemed like everyone had this all figured out and that it just wasn’t for me.

But it didn’t take me long to find out…

A Few Years Later Came The Big Realization

As the chief marketing consultant for one of the world’s leading personal development and dating companies, I got introduced to a network with thousands of successful men from all around the world.

It was a great experience. Most of these guys were entrepreneurs, investors, CEOs, lawyers, CPAs, high performers, professional poker players, social media influencers, and they were very smart people committed to becoming the best.

But the more I talked to these guys the more it became evident.

Health-wise, almost all of them were in the same exact situation I’d been only a few years ago.

As they kept working on developing other areas of their life they had forgotten to work on their health.

And it was starting to show. Their energy levels often weren’t enough to sustain the optimal productivity, they started to get tired fast, they got sick more frequently, and they started to look 5-10 years older.

After seeing how even the most successful people among us are struggling to get their health under control, I had a new mission:

To take anyone, no matter what their body looks like, or how bad they think the situation is, and take them through a proven system to completely transform their body to its full potential.

It makes me sad to see that most guys never see what their body is capable of, they miss out on nurturing this amazing vehicle we all have been given.

And that they never get to experience what it feels like to feel strong, healthy, and confident.

And it doesn’t matter what your current situation is compared to someone else. This journey is your own.

After two years of coaching hundreds of guys from 30 different countries, I can say with 100% confidence, that whatever you’re dealing with right now, that we can take your life to an entirely new level.

The Truth About The Transformation Program

This program will deliver amazing results. This has been proven over and over.

But there is one condition.

This program is ONLY for those know the true value of their health and are committed to change.

If you don’t value your health highly, this program is not for you.

Here’s How To Know If You’re Right For The Program

The right guy is at a place in his life, where he’s looking to make changes, work hard, get uncomfortable and finally get this thing handled.

If you’re not ready for this kind of program, that’s fine — you’re more than welcome to check this page again when you’re further down the road.

Though if you think that now could be the time to make a huge change in your life.

And you’re feeling ready to “pull the trigger”.

Then keep reading, this might be for you.

Now, before we get into the details of how you can apply to join the program, I want to show you something.

Here are few examples of the typical results guys experience in this program.

Here’s Are A Few Guys Who Went Through The Program:

DFI Transformation Program Examples

The truth is, none of these guys are “cut from a different cloth”.

Yet, all of them have worked extremely hard and were very scrupulous in diet and exercise. The strategy we follow is simple, but it is not easy, so if you want an easy way out, this is not for you.

However, what they have done, and what I have done, you can do to.

You have the potential, never forget that!

Aand if you were to work with me, take action, and implement the system there is no doubt in my mind that you would completely transform yourself.

From your body to your lifestyle to your business, to reigniting the passion for taking on new bigger challenges in life.

There will be no regrets. Only purpose, discipline, and commitment to life-long improvement.

A healthy lifestyle will give you the motivation and discipline required to succeed at almost anything.

Which means when you set a goal you’ll be able to achieve it. You’ll have the energy to do your best work, reach your full potential, and become the best you can be.

Becoming The Next Success Story

Reality check: I work with a maximum of 120 clients per year.

Therefore, I’m very selective about which guys I choose to join the program.

The biggest requirement is that you’re the kind of person committed to making changes, taking action, and implementing the program.

So let me ask you.

Are you at the stage in your life right now, where you’re ready to make some big changes?

Are You Ready To Finally Get Lean, Strong, and Reach Your Full Potential?

If you feel you’re the guy I’m looking for; then I encourage you to fill in the application form below,

I will then read every word of your application.

And if your story makes me believe you could be the kind of guy I’m looking for, and if you are accepted, the program will transform your life.

And know this.

I want you to succeed. I want you to be the right guy.

I have made it my life mission to help guys like you to reach your goals.

So good luck!

DFI Premium Transformation Program June 20, 2013