Does Flexing Build Muscle And Increase Muscle Tone?

Flexing Build Muscle And Increase Muscle ToneIn my beginner days in the gym when I would see someone flexing in the mirror I’d think he was just showing off his muscles and bragging to friends. Of course if it was some newbie like myself back then I’d even laugh a little inside and think “This is so funny, what is that guy doing :)”. Needless to say it took me a long time to actually realize that flexing might have some benefits.

Accidentally one day over a cup of my favorite Fat burning drink green tea I was talking to a friend of mine who was in fitness much longer than me, I started to tell him how some guys at my gym flex all the time and how it looks ridiculous. He waited until I was finished, laughed a bit and started to talk about flexing. That opened my eyes to a whole new set of ideas which were in front of my eyes the whole time. He told me that flexing can help build muscle and even change its shape if used correct.

Naturally as I’m a very curious person I started to research it myself and what I found was fascinating. After reading tons of online articles about it and talking with some of my mentors back then it was obvious that I was missing out on one of the most effective techniques in building muscle hardness, density and tone.

Become a Flexing Nerd – Increase Your Mind-Muscle Connection

Funny thing happened one time while driving my date in the car I started flexing my arms while holding the steering wheel as it became a habit I didn’t think about it. So she was staring at me, didn’t say anything for like 5 min and then all of a sudden said “STOP, I think something is wrong with your muscles, you need a doctor ” :D.

Personally I flex my muscles whenever possible. I do a little flexing when at my work desk, while driving, on a board meeting, in the elevator and it became a good habit. What I noticed is that my mind-muscle connection is much better now, pump in the gym lasts much longer. When I started to activate my muscles this way I couldn’t do a full contraction without effort and it felt like the link was not strong so this definitely helped me improve that connection.

When should You Flex to get the Maximum benefits?

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If you’re not a fanatics like me who wants to flex all the time here are some key points when you will can take advantage of the benefits flexing can provide.

  1. Flexing while warming up before workout – Incorporate flexing while doing warm up for increased blood flow, it also helps you muscles get ready for hard work and will protect you from injury.
  2. Flexing during rest between sets – Use flexing between sets to keep the pump for a longer time and boost your Workout intensity. You’ll notice after a while that your pump gets a lot stronger.
  3. Flexing after workout – You should be flexing and stretching after workout for Better muscle recovery and improved muscle tone.
  4. Optional: Before bed, in the morning, while driving.
Biggest difference I’ve seen was when I started to use flexing after workout. After just 2 months I noticed how my muscle symmetry improved, muscles became harder and their density increased which gave me some new details.

Can too much flexing have a negative impact on recovery?

This is something I personally don’t worry about, I’ve never felt like my recovery suffered in most cases I feel that flexing decreased Muscle soreness. Static movements like flexing are not the same type of contraction as heavy weight lifting. Holding a flex will make blood rush to that muscle but the muscle fiber won’t tear apart like from dynamic contractions during exercises. Even though flexing can’t be used as a replacement for lifting weight it can be a nice addition to your muscle building and toning techniques.

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  • Igor Kesić

    Very nice and in my opinion a very helpfull post. I could not have imagined before I read this that flexing has so many benefits. Thx Mario for this and again good job bro. Keep up the good work!

  • Lukus Leonard

    Wow, sweet site! I never thought about this. I thought dynamic stretching was to ease musclular soreness, and static to cool off?