Short Story: The Day I Gave Up On Motivation And How It Changed My Life

Have you ever felt like a lack of motivation was holding you back?

I used to feel like: “If only I were more motivated, I could… get to the gym… eat healthy… meditate daily”. In fact, I used to feel that way every day of my life.

Meanwhile, I was twiddling my thumbs waiting for next week’s Breaking Bad.. and staying up till 4 AM playing World of Warcraft.

I had fleeting moments of motivation. I’d snap out of laziness, drag my butt to the gym, clear my cupboards of junk food, focus on my work…

…and in those brief moments, I felt like my life was on the right path. Then, sure enough, a few weeks later, I’d feel my motivation decay.

Back to square one. This time feeling even more like a failure.

In those times I noticed how motivated my gym buddies seemed… Even though they were just regular guys, like me.

My ego rationalized:

“Some people were just born to be motivated all the time… and I wasn’t one of them”.

This helped me feel better. For a while.

Until the cycle repeated itself. Again. And again. In a way… I’m glad I practically hit rock bottom.

Because it made me declare:

“I give up… I give up on motivation.”

And so I did.

I figured the only way I would ever move forward in life was this:

I had to detach my actions from the way I feel.

Giving Up On Motivation Was The Best Choice of My Life

After I gave up on motivation something amazing happened — I suddenly had no more excuses to justify my lack of action.

I cultivated discipline rather than relying on something I can’t control — motivation.

Warning — the following will NOT appeal to guys who don’t want to take action.

For the first few weeks I had to force myself to do things. Starting from dragging myself out of my warm bed, going to the gym when I was tired, eating spongy chicken and brown rice 5 times a day.

I had to force myself to do these things to the point where it became painful, or at least that’s what I thought.

Soon enough it became clear, the new habits took less and less forcing and a new skill emerged.  For the first time in my life I developed discipline.

And I realized motivation is an unreliable little state that was never worth my time to begin with. I understood that to succeed you have to cultivate discipline which you can trust to help you get things done even on the worst days.

Motivation is fleeting and it’s easy to rely on because it requires no concentrated effort to get. Motivation comes to you, you don't even have to chase after it.

Remember this:

Discipline is reliable, motivation is momentary. The real question isn't how to keep yourself motivated, it's how to train yourself to work without it.

Would you like to replace motivation with discipline in your life?

Then go here to find out how dozens of guys are cultivating discipline on a daily basis, hitting the gym consistently, getting the right nutrition, and building new healthy habits.

Talk soon,

Mario Tomic

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  • Sam Klemens

    I like your ideas a lot Mario! Their on point and useful.

    • Glad you enjoyed the article Sam

  • Torsh

    Awesome post!

  • Faisal Ahmed

    I like the holistic approach to the issues you bring, looks like we’ve read similar books too. If you find anything worth reading can you let us know 😀

    • Thanks man, you can check my bookshelf on Goodreads at

      There’s plenty of awesome books to choose from!

  • Ilya Nazarov

    Great article.
    Indeed, motivation comes and goes. From my own experience i strogly suggest going for daily habits. Even if the habits are small. like doing 40 pushups before you wash your teeth in the morning doesnt, it takes 2-3 minutes but keeps you on your track for the rest of the day.
    couple of those habits during the day will build such a strong momentum of DOING even when there’s no motivation at all.

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