How To Use Good Habits As a “Shortcut” to Success

Given our natural tendency to act out of habit wouldn't the key to sustaining growth be to turn each desired action into a habit?

So that the things we want would come automatically, without much effort, thought or choice?

Imagine you go to gym, eat healthy, develop great relationships, become more happy, perform excellent at your job, all automatic as a habit ?

It might sound like a lot of effort but once you've got habits working for you instead of against you it is as effortless as how 98% of people in the world don't these things.

Lasting change comes down to cultivating the same habits that other people who are already successful in these areas have.

Success can be reverse engineered, and once you get your brain on your side with habits you're already half way there.

Think of forming a small habit as an investment that gives you returns for years to come.

What Does It take to Form 1 Good Habit?

Each habit can be broken down into 3 parts:

  1. The trigger that initiates the action / habit – Look for things that already happen in your life and link them with the new habit. Example: shower, sun goes up, checking your email.
  2. The habit itself – Start small and simple, don't demand too much compliance of yourself to maintain the new habit. It's about consistency not how much you can do at first.
  3. Reward (the benefit you gain from doing the habit) – Give yourself props when you perform the habit and do a bit of research to find all the positive benefits the habits has to you can be in-tune when they happen.

All it really takes is small daily strokes of effort.

Habits form because your brain changes as a response to frequent practice.

Billions of neurons in your brain are rewiring themselves every single day of your life depending on your thoughts and your actions.

Every little right action you take is valuable, every little thought that stimulates right action is one step forward to building that habit.

You build habits, and habits build your life.

Your life today is the sum of your daily habits.

Think about the first time went to the gym, it felt hard, it took a lot of willpower, the neuropathways were underutilized.

But then, if you recall just after a month of training it took you less effort to get to the gym, as those pathways became stronger.

Then after a few more months it was almost automatic, and a few more months it became a lifestyle.

As with gym, this applies to any habit you want to develop.

Take action, build momentum, turn the action into a habit and enjoy the rewards for years to come.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed.

Your friend,


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