Hard Work Motivational Speech ft. RSDMax

Hope Y'all are crushing it!

Last few days were crazy with traveling, training, and filming. Flew to Vienna to meet up with my buddy Maximilian Berger aka RSDMax for a surprise appearance at a local event!

In the vid below you'll see a few clips from that, it was epic! 🙂

Had a crazy day traveling and speaking in Vienna at a Live event, here's a few clips from the speech.

Make sure to check out Max's channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/RSDMaximilian !

Had a crazy day flying from Split, Croatia to Cologne, Germany and then to Vienna.

The Cologne airport lost my luggage and it took them 3 days to find it and deliver it.
Luckily I had my small camera with me and a laptop to publish this video!

Hard Work Motivational Speech

So a lot of questions me and Max got at the event was related to finding motivation to work harder, and how to go through tough times.

And instead of the “How to get ripped” type of speech it ended up being more of a motivational speech for hard work.

We talked about how to create a sense of urgency, the truth about success and what it really looks like when you look beyond the tip of the iceberg.

Hope you find it inspirational and motivating!

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