How To Lose Face Fat Forever (The Real Truth)

Looking to learn how to lose face fat? You came to the right place! In this video and article I decided to share the ultimate face fat reduction formula!

It's a step by step guide on how to get rid of face fat you'll learn everything you need to know.

Lose Face Fat Exercise Plan:

These are 100% success guaranteed exercises to help you get rid of a double chin.

1 – Eyebrow Raises 4 x 15
2 – Cheek Raises 4 x 15
3 – Head Twists 3 x 20 (each side)
4 – Nodding 3 x 20 (20 down or 20 up)

And to speed up the process add some cardio via chewing up. Do this as much as possible, this is your face fat cardio same as running, cycling, swimming and sprinting is for the rest of the body.

For even better results add a hat that covers your face. This increase in temperature will allow you to burn EVEN MORE fat.

And lastly for those who are serious about losing face fat forever and want the fastest results you wrap up foil around your head to even further increase temperature and kick that face fat burning into high gear! 🙂

Enjoy your workouts, that's the key to success.

And one more life changing thing, EVERYTHING you just read and saw related to the face fat reduction workout is A JOKE. 🙂

There is NO such thing as face fat reduction exercise, and there never will be.

Now, let's get serious for a moment. 🙂

How to lose face fat? (The Truth)

This is a question I often get asked: How to lose fat in your face or from the glutes, hips, abs, legs or whatever other body part.

The answer is SIMPLE.

You can't spot reduce face fat, or any other fat.

The only thing you can do is put your body in a caloric deficit.

That's a state where there's less energy coming into the body (via food / drinks) than the body needs to maintain it's current activity level.

At that point the body has to mobilize the fat storage for energy therefore reducing your overall body fat level.

And you can't choose where that fat will come from first. The body does that for you, and your genetics play a role.

However there are certain areas of your body where the fat typically comes off first.

And for you interested in getting rid of face fat the good news is that this area typically gets “burnt” off first.

For most people the area of face, shoulders, arms, calves and upper back / upper chest loses fat first.

Compared to the lower abdominal area, hips, glutes and for some people legs.

That's just the way it works.

There's no magical workout or diet plan out there that can help you target certain areas of the body to get rid of fat from there.

I know there's a lot of marketing on the topic, and that there's still gurus claiming that they have the magical solution or an ancient Chinese secret how to burn off fat forever but there is no such thing.

Secondly we already know how to do this very effectively.

Here's the solution to reducing your body fat:

1. Enter and stay in a caloric deficit. Typically 15-25% below your maintenance level of calories.
2. Setup your macronutrients to get plenty of protein, and a suitable ratio of carbs and fats.
3. Focus on eating high quality unprocessed foods 90% of the time.
4. Engage in some form of resistance training to preserve and build lean muscle mass. (There's 3 free workout plans linked below in the description)
5. Become a more active person by adding some non-exercise activity.
6. Get 7:30 – 9 hours of high quality sleep.
7. (Optional) Add some cardio to make the caloric deficit easier to sustain.

And for more in-depth on how to get ripped fast click here.

For dealing with hunger click here.

If you simply apply those steps I've outlined above you'll not only be able to reduce your face fat naturally but also get rid of body fat in general and build a great looking body.

Hope you enjoyed!

As usual post your questions in the comments below.

Talk soon, Mario

Free Workout Plans:

Beginner Workout Routine ➤ Get It Here

Intermediate – Advanced Workout Routine ➤ Download Here

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