How To “Get Shit Done” and Stop Procrastinating

Hey, it’s Mario here. In this article I'm giving you my best mindset to stop procrastinating and get things done immediately.

And not only that.

You'll learn how to trigger a healthy sense of urgency in your life and practically make yourself immune to procrastination.

So read on. 🙂

Here's a big idea for you:

The difficulty of a task will increase proportionally to how much you delay doing it.

Now, why is that?

Can you remember last time when you procrastinated and how hard it was to get started?

Asking myself this question reminded me how even a simple thing like washing the damn dishes becomes EXTREMELY annoying if I postpone it.

And yes, I hate washing dishes. 🙂

But does the difficulty change?

And the fact is: It doesn't change much at all. (Maybe a little bit in case of washing dishes.)

However my mind will create a massive issue out of a few plates if I delay it for a day or two.

This happens because we are hardwired to be irrational.

For example: Our irrational mind will increase the perceived difficulty of getting back to gym after a break.

Or restarting a diet after a holiday break.

After all, this is one of the main problems I see with guys who fail to reach their goal.

Let me explain.

How Hack Your Mind To Stop Procrastinating

So the law of motion (momentum) says “Things in motion tend to stays in motion.”

Although it's counter intuitive that same law applies for gym, diet, half-written essay, creative ideas, and that thing you stopped working on to read this email.

In other words when somethings interrupts a task, you lose momentum.

However it's not losing momentum that cause the problem. (You can't prevent life from happening.)

Instead the problem is that our irrational mind changes our perception of how difficult the task was.

And the more we delay starting, the more difficult it becomes!

How to Stop Procrastinating

Now, after devouring a ton of research papers I've discovered a “cure”.

First step is to stop accepting the difficulty your mind tells you as fact.

Secondly you acknowledge that your mind can be irrational. And that it generated what I like t call “False difficulty”.

In a nutshell you starting looking at your mind as a tool.

And sometimes you need to “guide” the tool into doing the right thing.

I reveal a bit more of my mindset on how to stop procrastinating in this video:

If you've resonated with the idea from this article share it with your friends who might be struggling with procrastination.

And have a great day!

Your friend,

Mario Tomic

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