Mario’s Secrets For Ultra High Consistency In The Gym

Everywhere you turn you hear people talking and writing about how consistency means everything when it comes to getting results in the gym but what does it really mean to be consistent?

Watch the video below where I break down the 3 main concepts of consistency plus reveal the things I do to master each element:

Quick Summary of 3 Tips for Consistency In The Gym (Watch The Video For More)

Here’s a quick summary of what I believe are the top 3 elements of consistency.

Tip 1 – Daily Willpower Rituals

Ability to do things regardless of how you feel is the key to success.

Just by sticking to a gym schedule and a healthy diet you will build up build up spartan willpower. Extra things I personally like do is daily meditation before bed and taking a cold showers.

Tip 2 – Purge The 1 Main Thing That Is Preventing Consistency

Find that one big annoying habit that is preventing you from achieving consistency the most and replace that habit with the 1 habit that will improve your consistency the most.

Tip 3 – See Perfectionism For What It Really Is

Use perfectionism to guide you but know that it will take a lot of failures before you achieve success.

Thanks for reading and watching the video. If you enjoyed the content share it with friends and spread the value!

Stay fit and awesome,
– Mario

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