Secrets To Success on Your Fitness And Health Journey

Today I decided to write an article about the most important mindsets that helped me on my fitness and health journey for the past 4 years. I'm gonna do my best to summarize  things you need to know and that you can apply to make this journey a success for yourself.  Most of the stuff is applicable in almost all areas of life and personal development but for myself they've manifested mainly in fitness and health.

It's Your Fitness And Health Journey and No One Else's!

This is big one right here. I've seen so many people fail because of their lack of self-reliance and self-trust to keep moving forward despite the lack of gratification from results or peers. When you're getting positive feedback it's very easy to stay motivated to do something. But VERY OFTEN in life that's not gonna be the case and these are the times that separate people who succeed from those who never get any results.

You'll find many websites out there that advocate finding a gym buddy or joining certain group programs to kinda get that momentum going which is much easier to do with more people. However here's what happens in real life, you call your buddy on the phone he says his dog just died (hypothetically) or he has to go handle some family issues and today he can't make it to the gym. In this moment all your brain neurons are telling your “Yea, that's fine. I can skip too and do some other stuff. We can go tomorrow etc..”, for many people this excuse will be just enough to get them off track of sticking to the workout routine.

Same goes for diets, if you're out with your buddies and a few of them just start eating pizzas and desserts you're also more likely to join them even though it goes against your long term goals. Don't get me wrong I'm not against enjoying food or having fun with your friends but what actually happens is that there's always someone in the group that's lacking willpower at that moment and it all goes downhill very fast at least from my experience.

The point here is YOU have to take charge of your actions if you want to get results. No one else has the responsibility for yourself if you're an adult and no person in this world should care about your health more than you. Don't fall into the trap of relying on other people to fuel your ambitions and keep you motivated because everyone I ever met who did that didn't get very far not only in fitness but in life. If I was listening to other people when I should workout and what I should eat I would still be a fat loser playing World of Warcraft at home living with my parents with no ambition and goals in life. Instead I took charge, traveled the world, got in amazing shape and keep setting higher goals for myself.

Lesson: Take responsibility for your health and get it handled.

Welcome to The Age of Exchanging Validation for Motivation

We are all victims of this, and it's a getting more obvious every year. Social Media websites filled with examples of people who spend their limited time seeking validation, posting pictures every day comparing themselves to others desperate to get that necessary hit of an ego boost that keeps them going. For most this is their primary source of motivation, either that or trying to prove to some else that they can do it. Instead of that why not try to prove it to yourself? Why not try to reach your full potential instead of giving your power away to others?

Sad things happen when the validation doesn't come for a few days.. we're all witnessed the rise of these deep frustrations and the smell of neediness coming through the laptop screen. It's just pathetic…

People who I know that are very successful don't give a damn about Facebook posts, what someone commented or how they are compared to someone other athlete. They step on the stage to beat their own fears and every day in the gym is a constant battle of trying to be 0.1% better than you were last time.

They found out a long time ago that you can't be like Zyzz, you can't be like Arnold or Ulysses or whoever you wanna be, the only person you can be is the best version of yourself. This is a lifelong journey of self-improvement and regardless of what you think if you're not in it for the long run for yourself you will fail.

Ego and Success on Fitness And Health Journey

Don't Let Your Ego Control Your Actions

You'll often be judged and compared, it's inevitable. How you react to these situations is actually a good measurement of how well you'll do on your fitness and health journey. Those who fall into these ego traps of trying to live up to standards that other people put on them rarely succeed.

Funny thing it goes both ways. It's easy to brush away negative feedback and not feed the ego saying “I don't give a fuck what others think about me!” but when a person starts getting positive validation from others then it gets hard to stay humble and focused. These are the times which define you as a person, I see many guys get results and as soon as they get approval from others they're not longer passionate about the journey. They feel like they've outgrown the journey and no longer put in as much effort as they used to.

Another thing what happens is that results don't come as easy as they used to, the longer you train the harder it gets to put on new muscle. If you don't enjoy the journey itself you'll often start neglecting the very habits that get you the results in the first place. What happens then is that voice in your head that's saying “You're got enough, you can always do this, you got time, you can relax now” gets stronger and you get weaker.

You start paying less attention to your health and soon you get back to where you where before but now it's even worse. Now you're one of those people who saying “I used to be like that, I've already done that.” or “I used to be lean too, check out my photo from 2010”, you become someone who's living in the past and these are in my experience the hardest cases to get back on track.

The solution is simple, realize this is a journey of your life whether you like that fact or not it's the truth. The good thing is by managing your health you're one of the rare people who can actually live up to their full life potential. The quality of your life directly depends on your health, especially in the later years so why not start today!

Here's a cool motivational video for you guys:

Hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Leave your thoughts in the comments below and let's chat about this topic more!

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  • Marko

    “You start paying less attention to your health and soon you get back to where you where before but now it’s even worse. Now you’re one of those people who saying “I used to be like that, I’ve already done that.” or “I used to be lean too, check out my photo from 2010″, you become someone who’s living in the past and these are in my experience the hardest cases to get back on track.” True that!