How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed and Finally Start Taking Action

I've been getting a lot of questions lately on how to stop feeling overwhelmed, how to find the motivation to get things done and ultimately get yourself to take action.

And that's exactly what I cover in today's video.

The video reveals a very simple method I've successfully used in my life to get over some of the hardest and most overwhelming situations I've had to deal with.

How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed?

Question: Do you want more control over your life and over your actions?

Do you want to be able to do the hard things, hit the gym, stay productive for hours, getting the nutrition, meditate, get to bed on time, develop social skills, meditate, and other great things?

I remember when I first started getting into personal development I wanted to do all of the things above at once and how I failed miserably month after month.

There were times where I was jealous of guys who seem to know the secret of getting everything done.

I knew we all had the same 24 hours in a day, but there were people out there just crushing it. And these guys were getting so much done in their 24 hours that I become obsessed to find out their secret.

One thing that helped me a lot in my quest for the ultimate productivity method was reading about psychology and productivity.

And that's how one day I came across a book called “The Happiness Advantage”.

And in this book, I learned about a success principle that will ultimately help me more than anything else I've ever learned about eliminating procrastination and getting things done.

The principle was inspired by the movie The Mask of Zorro featuring Antonio Banderas and Anthony Hopkins.

And in this video, I decided to share with you guys how I managed to apply this to overcome procrastination, stop being overwhelmed and finally find the motivation to take action.

Enjoy watching, and let me know how you resonate with this in the vid comments section

Aside from that, thanks for watching and keep putting in the reps guys! PS. For more “behind the scenes”, training, nutrition, books and other habits I do every day check out my stories on Instagram @MarioTomich. See you there!

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