This is Why Diets FAIL

Yo yo, today I wanna get something off my mind that I think many people overlook when they embark on a journey of weight loss or muscle gain.

Why Diets FAIL

Sustainability of a diet is something people overlook very often when it comes to choosing the right nutrition plan to lose weight and eventually they end up being a slave to their diet leading to massive frustrations so they eventually give up the whole thing.

Not only do they stop doing that diet they also stop believing that it's possible to achieve any kind of results.

The problem is not finding the perfect diet, I can give a list of perfect food from the top of my head and send you the most tasty recipes for 7 meals a day that when you eat these meals your tastes buds will go crazy how good it feels.

What's the issue here? The problem is that no one with any kind of life outside of fitness and nutrition can implement this and sustain it long enough to see the result.

There are more productive and fun ways to spend your days than preparing 7 meals, putting them in plastic containers and dragging them around everywhere you go. I've done that and trust me it's not very exciting.

In 20 years you don't wanna remember your life being how many meals you eat per day or if you timed the protein intake correctly.

The point I'm trying to make is find something that is sustainable for your lifestyle, something you can implement immediately and start from there.

If you do decide to “tighten” it up, of course, you can do that at any time, but start with something you are 100% sure you can execute and then gradually build it up to a more complex system if you feel that the simple one isn't giving you enough results. My personal philosophy is that I would rather sacrifice short term results just to have something I can sustain for a longer period of time.

Perfect Diet

6 Things I Want From My Diet:

  1. Sustainable for a lifetime – KEY
  2. Optimal health (Perfect digestive system, all the macro and micro nutrients covered, good hormonal balance, no bloating, no allergies and as low toxins as possible)
  3. Very high productivity (Sustainable Energy Levels, No sugar spikes, brain fog etc..)
  4. Allows me to stay at a low body fat percentage
  5. Provides nutrients so I can build as much muscle as my genetic potential allows me
  6. Fuels me enough in the gym so I can get stronger over time

You also need to find out what you want from your diet and find a diet that gives you exactly that.

A person that travels a lot won't have the same diet as a college student. A college student won't have the same diet as someone doing a 9-5, this is why I urge you to find something that you can apply for yourself.


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  • ShockingFitFan

    what are your macros for cutting vs cutting for clean bulk?

    • ShockingFitFan

      I meant cutting macros vs lean bulk macros

      • Here’s the ratios I use:

        Cutting 40% Protein 35% Carbs 25% Fat

        Bulking 30% Protein 40% Carbs 30% Fat