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Zyzz and Chestbrah Protein of the Gods Supplement Line Review

If you read my previous article where I reviewed Zyzz workout routine and diet plan or you just know about him from many YouTube videos and forum posts across the internet it's enough to say that he's got tons of fans and followers whose numbers seem to increase even today. What is so fascinating about Zyzz is the way his lifestyle combined a dull routine based bodybuilding life (meal timing, regular workouts, Vitamin and mineral supplements, healthy food) with going out, travelling, clubbing and enjoying life in the moment. If you've been a bit longer in the fitness and bodybuilding you know that it's nearly impossible to mix these two together, imagine so you got to eat every 2-3hours and you're in the middle of some exclusive club trying to respect your diet rules by with having a Whey protein shake or something, even thinking about it makes me laugh. 🙂 Some things just don't go together and unfortunately Zyzz paid the ultimate price to find this out, however there are certain things Zyzz left behind and one of them is his own product line called Protein of the Gods.

This is somewhat of Zyzz's legacy and chestbrah (his brother) is handling everything right now. Protein of the gods products are popular in some parts of the world especially Australia and Oceania and is slowly being introduced to the US and Europe market so I decided to do a quick review about the products to let you guys know what you can expect when this hits our market.

Protein of the gods Products First Impression

Protein of the gods Whey Protein Isolate Review

My first impression about this product is not so good, after going through the stuff on the web there isn't much to say about this product line judging from the main site which has very poor information. It seems that the site is more interested about selling you the shirt than the protein powder.

Main store for all POTG products seems to be the Facebook page Protein of the gods which contains information about both Whey Isolate and God Mode Pre-workout product. This is in my opinion poorly delivered information.

Also what didn't impress me is the fact that it's very hard to get this products if you are not from Australia, at the moment they don't ship to US and I don't think any buyers from US or Europe are willing to struggle with getting shipping solved on the their own. However judging from the comments on their Facebook page they are looking for a distributor in the US and it will be done soon. (I hope)

Zyzz Whey Protein Isolate Nutritional Information Reviewed

First of we could argue that all protein powders are the same etc… many will say this but I personally don't agree. Quality, mix-ability, taste and pricing are some of the most crucial factors when deciding which protein powder to use. I personally used many brands and none of them were the same, I might be giving too much attention to the details but to be honest I'm very careful on what I spend my hard earned money on. Enough intro, lets dig into this :).

This whey isolate product is packed in a 2,5kg bag which contains 83 servings with a WPI percentage of 87-90.4%.

I was quite surprised when I saw these nutritional information and this might be the thing that gives this protein powder an edge over others. As you can see 100g of powder contains stunning 0,8g of carbohydrates and 91g of protein.

One serving (30g) of whey gives you 27g of protein and almost zero carbs. Compared to one of the most popular whey proteins in the world like 100% Whey Gold Standard from Optimum Nutrition which has 24g of protein and 3g of carbohydrates per 30g scoop I would say that Zyzz protein powder is a clear winner.

Now we could argue about the quality of the protein source but in the end I would personally give this protein powder a shot if I could get it shipped here.

One other thing worth mentioning here is the pricing, Zyzz whey protein costs around 90$ (without taxes) for 2,5 kg which is an average price. When this product first came out its pricing was too high and if you check out some of the forum posts on bb.com and such you'll see many complaints about this from their customers. Luckily the price went down and now this whey protein can compete with the best even in that aspect.

Zyzz God-Mode Pre workout Supplement review

Zyzz God Mode Pre Workout Supplement ReviewTaken directly from Protein of the Gods Facebook page the description of this product goes like this: “POTG's God Mode utilizes the latest research and the highest quality ingredients. A precision energy delivery system that enhances neuromuscular strength and muscular endurance to make all your training sessions explosive. Mood enhancing complex for awesome focus and mental toughness. Cell volumising, shuttling blood flow into trained muscles to engorge and swell muscle fascia to enhance growth.”

Ingredients for this supplement look just like the ones from the most popular pre workout product Jack3d which means that the effectiveness is guaranteed. Obviously the guys who made this know what they are doing, you'll certainly feel a great pump and your workouts will have huge benefits.

The problem with this product is not the effectiveness it's the pricing. Even with the special offer you get 3x God Mode products for 99$ (Taxes not included) which is very overpriced if you consider that #1 product Jack3d costs only 25$ per 250g. I think even Zyzz himself if he were alive would buy Jack3d 🙂

Protein of the gods Products Review Conclusion

The reality of this product line is that you'll only even consider it if you are a big fan of Zyzz, chestbrah or are into the whole aesthetics crew thing and this is just the way these products are marketed. Unfortunately for someone that isn't familiar with the whole Zyzz story (Don't give me that look, yes there are people who don't know :D) won't consider these competitive enough on the current market. Even if the products were better I believe that Protein of the gods has a big task ahead of themselves if they want to make it in the big world.

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